Protection for Aerial Machines against power line contact

Protective Innovations’ Patent Pending Going Up Safely System is designed to be retrofitted to any machine with the potential to contact aerial electrical conductors during its operation. The system detects aerial conductors and prevents parts of the machine moving within their exclusion zone by interfacing a computer controller with the machine controls with monitoring and overriding capability.

Central to the system is the Control Interface Module, which monitors both the control motions of the machine and also the AC field sensors with antennas located across the machine. At the time the sensors detect a power line, machine motions active at the time are locked out, preventing the operator moving the machine any closer whilst allowing the operator to move away from the source of electricity.

The device uses a capacitive sensing and active filtering technology which removes unwanted interference from radio frequency and other sources, minimising nuisance detections.

GoUpSafely uses wireless sensors controlled over a military grade communications network from a BaseController unit ensuring unmatched reliability and machine safety throughout it’s life. Sensors and the BaseController are programmable and firmware upgradable allowing the system to be customised to an almost unlimited number of applications.


SAFETYE-LERT Non Contact Voltage Detection

Protective Innovations’ Patent Pending detection technology utilises a combination of industry proven technology and innovative software based processing to allow detection of a wide range of hazards. The SafetyElert detection system uses capacitive voltage detection, the same technology used by electricity network operators for over 30 years and used in “voltage pens” throughout the electrical trade. Protective Innovations made this technology into a personal detection device by utilising a microprocessor controlled filtering and amplifying system, to seek out signals in the 50hz and 60hz range of power transmission, then allowing the device to determine proximity and risk of contact.

SafetyElert sensors will detect the presence of Alternating Current conductors at 50 or 60hz in Voltages of 415V to 500Kv and at Distances up to 5 metres. Using a Capacitive sensing system allows the sensor to detect live conductors even if there is no current flowing.

The SafetyElert detection system is utilised in the range of SafetyAlert Personal Protective Devices and in the GoUpSafely and SafeDig machine protection systems.