Solid State Lidar Technology used to prevent crush and other injuries on and in Elevated Work Platforms (EWP's)

PRM Engineering Services team have developed a safety system specifically for Elevated Work Platform Safety (EWP). This is designed to prevent crush injuries against overhead obstacles which is one of the most common safety breaches which occur.  The system is fully customisable to different basket sizes with programmable stop zones.  The full parameter of the basket is monitored during the upward motion.  The EWP will stop when the overhead obstacle is sensed or when personnel lean over the basket in an unsafe way, another critical common safety risk.  The system is fail to safe and will allow the Operator to lower the basket to a safe position whenever the system is activated or triggered.  The system is developed on the state of the art solid state radar technology.

PRM Engineering's Sentinel Vision products range from reversing radar and camera systems, pedestrian detection recognition, 360 degree camera systems to vision server systems.

The new technologies will provide people safety to a wide range of industries ranging from earthmoving, rail, commercial warehousing and transport preventing accidents occurring and allowing for safer worksites and places.

Worksafe SA developed the video below in 2015  highlighting the many dangers that EWP Operators can face which unfortunately is still contributing to statistics in workplace injuries today.