Introducing the First of PRM Engineering Services Safety Product Range
Sentinel Vision A.I. Human-only Recognition
and Warning System

Sentinel Vison A.I. uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Pedestrian Recognition to reliably detect pedestrians and keep personnel and machines safe without the need for electronic/RFID Tags. Sentinel Vision A.I. is a ruggedised system that can be retrofitted to any machine to monitor pedestrians entering a hazardous zones and provides early operator and pedestrian alarm warnings allowing them to move to a safe position. The systems detection zones are fully configurable to any shape and can reliably detect people working close to mobile machinery.

Long term use of the Sentinel Vision A.I. pedestrian detection system with pre-start checks and a range of daily detection statistics, the Sentinel Vision A.I. pedestrian detection system can provide a robust safety warning system for machines working around personnel and has been able to change people’s behaviours and reduce unnecessary movement into the detection zone thus reducing the risk for incidents and accidents.

Always vigilant and identifying the pedestrians that machine operators miss Sentinel Vision A.I. pedestrian detection system is ultimately about saving lives and reducing avoidable injuries.

Another PRM innovation, another world first!

PRM Engineering Services have recently completed an installation on rail on-track vehicles which would work in a similar manner where there are a number of workers working at both ends of the vehicle and the system is able to alarm whenever people enter that exclusion zones when the machine is moving.

With increasing pressure being placed on organisations to implement engineered safety solutions where plant and pedestrians share the same space, PRM has received an enormous amount of interest from organisations in recent months.

Industry and legislation is now placing significant emphasis on pedestrian safety, early warning and collision avoidance in heavy industry environments. PRM continues to use our industry experience and safety system design capabilities to deliver innovative safety systems with a reputation of being reliable, intuitive and easy to use.

Sentinel Vision A.I. Human-only Detection System features in Waste Management Magazine
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