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Cabin Intrusion Protection System designed by PRM Eng team
PRM Engineering Services develop a safety system for EWP's

PRM Engineering and Plantmech recently designed and commissioned a number of cabin intrusion protection systems for use on long reach excavators and material handlers.

This was in response to several clients reporting incidents where the carried load had come into contact with the cabin, which necessitated a control system to prevent any future injuries or equipment damage.

Solid State Lidar Technology was used to prevent crush and other injuries on and in Elevated Work Platforms (EWP's).

This is designed to prevent crush injuries against overhead obstacles which is one of the most common safety breaches which occur. The system is fully customisable to different basket sizes with programmable stop zones.

PRM Eng and Plantmech design and develop new control system for rail
Bringing QMW Industries Tyre Handler into the future

PRM Engineering and Plantmech were engaged to design, code, install and commission the Control System on a Varley Hi-Rail Machine for Queensland Rail.

This 3 month Project required a complete review and re-design of the control system including all major functions of the hi-rail machine.

PRM Engineering and Plantmech are well suited to this project due to our extensive experience in machine control systems, safety system design and hydraulic control systems.

QMW Industries continuous Improvement philosophy lead them to partner with PRM Engineering Services to help bring their multi-function Tyre Handler into the future.

The system in question originally provided safe handling operation by severely limiting the machines hydraulic capabilities controlled by a simple push button and indication relay box requiring four laboured build days per machine to get the tyre handler control system operational.

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